Horse Treatments

Before any treatment is carried out an in depth history of the horse will be taken gaining knowledge of:

This will allow Dani to understand the necessary information required to determine any reasons which may have caused a decline in performance or any changes in the horses behaviour.

A static and dynamic assessment will then be carried out. The static assessment studies the horses conformation, any muscle asymmetry and areas of heat or swelling that may be compromising performance. The dynamic assessment examines the horses movement in walk and trot and most importantly checking the horse is sound (unless a lame horse has been referred by a veterinary surgeon in order to treat compensatory problems). Symmetry of stride is noted and the horses’ fluidity within its motion through the neck, back and pelvis is also studied. The horse is then asked to turn in a tight circle to the left and the right looking at suppleness through the neck and back and the animals ability to cross the inside hind leg over. Dani will then ask the handler to push the horse backwards for a couple of strides to check for any obvious neurological disorders.

This assessment will ensure the horse is safe to treat and doesn’t have any other problems which may need to be referred to a veterinary surgeon before a McTimoney treatment is carried out.

The whole of the animals body is palpated feeling over for any misalignments and muscle spasms within the horses musculoskeletal system, starting from the atlas at the top of the head and working systematically right through to the pelvis. The actual treatment is then carried out previously discussed in (what is McTimoney) and a detailed aftercare program will be provided once the nature of the problems have been discovered and treated. It is vital the owner/handler carries out the aftercare program as best as possible in order to ensure the therapy is as effective as possible and minimises the risk of misalignments reoccurring.

£40 per Treatment
Emergency treatments are available on request